Reducing Stress – Cellular Memory


      Many physicists believe that all living cells emit biophotons and these energetic fields regulate every anatomical and physiological function. In 1989, Dr Deepak Chopra in his book Quantum Healing described the concept that suppressed negative emotions; stress and trauma are often stored as ‘cellular or phantom memories’ in cells throughout our body. These cellular memories influence us energetically/vibrationally over years and even decades, eventually causing emotional and physical illness. Emotions that have been buried and long forgotten once again come to the surface causing unexpected internal conflict, rage, resentment, regret, expectation, fear, disappointment and depression

     Some individuals are so traumatized at some point of their life that they have no means for expressing the emotional effects of this trauma.  In order for such an individual to function emotionally requires that they repress this trauma deeply into the vibrational pattern of the cells.  This energy is transformed and transported to various organs and even the muscles and is stored in them. Each muscle or organ expresses this repressed “chi” or what Ayurvedic practitioners call “prana” energy as physical or emotional imbalance. 

     The unaware individual may experience illness in the areas where the repressed energy is stored. For some individuals the energy can remain repressed for years, dormant in organs, gland or muscle until some event or biochemical shift releases it.

     Though the cells of most organs regenerate, the cellular memories stored in there are constantly transferred to the new cell before the previous cell dies. This cellular memory can block the flow of chi  or prana.  This blocked energy reduces the ability of the new cells to release the memory of the previous dying or diseased cell.

    At the “Spa of the Mind”  at the Harrison Center  practitioners of energy medicine can determine where “reading the body” blocks these cellular memories Techniques for doing this will vary from culture to culture and may include navel, face, and tongue analysis as well as pulse reading and Applied Kinesiology based techniques.

     Once an energetic/vibrational evaluation has been completed there are many approaches to balancing and healing this released cellular memory.   There are a number of healing systems that claim to release deep cellular memories, thus helping the depressed individual to release long held emotional and physical blocks. Among the most popular approaches are: meditation, visualization, and energetic healing approaches like polarity therapy, chakra balancing and Reiki, as well as various emotional release hands- on healing and bodywork systems like Rolfing, and Feldenkrais Movement.

     The concept of cellular memory is difficult for many Psychiatrists and psychologists to understand. This is unfortunate since research in the field of psycho-neuro immunology supports the theory that that our thought patterns instantaneously and directly influence immunity and other aspects of body chemistry. Even cellular biologists know that, emotional trauma influences blood chemistry and certain chemicals released into the blood stream can block certain cell receptors in the body.

     We live in a universe made of vibration and energy.  The ability to distinguish and sense different energies is a fundamental property of life forms, and every living creature has developed ways to sense various types of energy and benefit from them or protect themselves from them.   As human beings have become more externalized in their focus and intellectual faculties have dominated our intuition vibrational sensitivities have been dulled. Within our bodies and emotions energy storms occur constantly.  This flowing energy comes into our consciousness through what we call Chakras.  The theory of Chakras in America comes from the study of Ayurvda, a traditional system of healing has been found by many individuals to provide a complete system of health care and preventive medicine and which has proven its effectiveness over thousands of years in India.  The foundation of Ayurvedic practice is the equal importance given to body, mind and spirit. This is a concept that is somewhat at odds with western approaches to the treatment of depression and other illnesses.

     The chakras do not exist physically.  They are subtle “life fields” vibrating at specific frequencies and dynamically shifting in subtle sounds, shapes, and colors.  There are many popular descriptions of the chakras in new age literature but the concise descriptions that be found in ancient Yogic and Tantric texts, many written in Sanskrit, speak of specific vibrational qualities that possess airy, fiery, watery and earthy characteristic. A deep depression might be seen as an excessively earthy imbalance whereas a manic state would be an imbalance of the air and fire chakras.

     Generally speaking chakras or energy wheels serve as the connection between the life force in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies (Chi, Prana) and the unnamable divine energy that fills the entire universe (Tao in China, Shabd or Nam in India).  In this sense the chakras might be seen as possessing a spiritual quality.

Lewis Harrison is a speaker and the author of nine books on human potential, Game Theory, stress management and alternative medicine.

The host of the  Radio Show “What Up” ,WIOX 91.5 FM Roxbury, NY he is  the owner of the Spa of the Mind at the Harrison Center, ( )


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