Earth Day Ecovacations and ‘a billion acts of green’

Today is the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, The annual effort to raise public awareness about the environment, global warming and other important “Green Issues”. Organizers are promoting actions to clean the environment. Lewis Harrison” an environmentalist eco-vacation expert and owner of the Harrison Center an “Earth Friendly Spa” in the Western Catskill Mountains stated “Earth Day is coinciding with the Christian Good Friday and Judaism’s celebration of Passover this year. What better motivation is there to go “Green”. In an effort dubbed by Earth day organizers as “A Billion Acts of Green,” people are being encouraged to pledge online at and to do anything, no matter how small to increase sustainability or order to promote the planet’s health.

According to Mr. Harrison “People can compost food scraps, recycle paper, glass and plastic, switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, home grow organically to reduce the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals and become vegetarians. There will be hundreds of events including workshops, and rallies, throughout the United States where Earth Day was born. Earth Day is an international effort where it is now celebrated in 192 countries. In the decades since Earth Day number one in 1970 the environmentalist movement made great strides with passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and other groundbreaking laws. In addition the idea of Green and eco-vacations has spread as well. To experience an environmentally friendly vacation visit The Central and western Catskill Mountains of Delaware County New York.

Here at the Harrison Center Spa we have some of the most stunning and pristine rolling mountain vistas. The headwaters for the Delaware River flow through the region providing fertile ground for farming on the river valleys and sweeping up gentle slopes to the mountain tops. These family farms and forests fed the needs of the growing Manhattan population and trains, such as the Ulster & Delaware, brought their produce and timber to market. The Harrison Center Spa and Bed and Breakfast is lucky to be ½ a mile from this amazing rail bed preserved forever as a beautiful and well maintained hiking trail for its residents and guests. We offer some discount Lodging specials this spring. For more information on Green and Eco-vacations go to ( ) or ( ) Call us and learn more at 212-724-8782.


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