Spa Massage Tips

Structural Healing

Therapeutic bodywork and traditional Swedish Massage are both available at the Spa of the Mind at the Harrison Center ( ) are the most common forms of structured bodywork.  When mainstream physicians and academic publications inquire about bodywork and itÕs effect on pathophysiology this is the type they are generally drawn to.  This is not surprising since in itÕs scope and philosophical foundations structural bodywork is the most western and rational of the various types of touch.  In order to be effective in the application of structural bodywork you must have an understanding of body mechanics, posture, pathology, anatomy and physiology,  especially the names and key parts of the muscles, bones and nerves.  Structured Bodywork practitioners who also have an interest in the connection between chronic structural problems and psychological factors will require specialized training in what is commonly called psychotherapeutic bodywork.  This will  require you integrating emotional and spiritual counseling  into your course of study.

 Benefits of structured bodywork

      ¥  Improvement of body alignment

      ¥  Increased circulation

      ¥  Pain reduction

      ¥  Increased sensory awareness

      ¥  reduced stress

      ¥  Increased flexibility of the joints

Lewis Harrison is a massage therapist who is the director of the Spa of the Mind



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