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Contact: Lewis Harrison


The Harrison Spa and B & B announced today that they have created a discount

Ecotourism vacation for the Thrifty Environmentalist

The Harrison Center, a Spa and B & B that offers stress management programs and hundreds of classes on natural healing and self development have announced the creation of low cost “Green” spa vacations. With Ecotourism becoming more popular than ever and the cost of gas pushing past $4.00 a gallon the idea of a Staycation, where a health conscious and environmentally aware person can experience whole food gourmet meals, learn yoga and meditation and get a massage, nutrition counseling, stress management coaching, free unlimited classes and lectures and lodging all included for under $200 per night is a good thing. The Harrison Center Spa and B & B allows their guests to mix and match many different educational programs and these can be combined with any spa program at no additional charge. A full list of programs and services is available at

The Harrison Center Spa is located in a seventeen room Victorian home just a ½ mile from the headwaters of the Delaware River in the heart of the famous North Western Catskill mountains, a four season destination once famous as America’s wilderness. According to Lewis Harrison –  a speaker on stress management, the author of nine books on nutrition, stress management and ecological living and the owner of the Spa, “This is a time where people have a growing interest in “Green” earth friendly,  sustainable, healthy lifestyles; and yet they still need to take a low cost vacation with the family. With the cost of gas so high, an increase in global warming, and a need to reduce the cost of travel, a “Green” B & B or spa vacation is the perfect choice.

The Harrison Center – – offers many programs for beginners as well as the more informed on issues related to natural healing, environmentalism, self help, and personal development. When not partaking of the spa’s “Green” offerings guests are free to visit local nature preserves, museums, art galleries, gold courses, riding stables, hiking and biking trails, revolutionary war period stone houses, local antique stores and the nearby Hobart Antiquarian Book Village.

Seekers of inspiration, reflection, creativity, authenticity, self knowledge and self healing, have, time and again, been drawn to the Catskills region; particularly the Harrison Center

Media Contact:

Lewis Harrison 212-724-8782

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