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About the Festival

The Catskills Art and Culture festival is a year round resource for artistic events, cultural happenings, and historic places within the Catskills region.

The  Festival celebrates the history, culture and natural resources of the Catskill Region of New York State, as well as the amazing hiking trails, mountains, farms and communities, throughout the region. The present form of the festival was conceived in 2010 when Lewis Harrison an author, artist, and professional speaker on entrepreneurism opened the Catskills Bed and Breakfast and Spa in the Town of Stamford, New York.  Lewis began reaching out to local musicians and other artists creating and nurturing networking and reciprocal relationships that have helped bring diverse elements of the artistic and business communities within the Catskill Region.


A short interview with Lewis Harrison, the founder and director of the Catskill Art and Culture Festival on what is art?

STUDENT: I have heard the term “fine art” used.  How is this type of art different from any other type of art?

LEWIS: Fine art would be named as such because it has the ability to draw the audience towards the contemplation of the finer things such as aesthetic beauty, subtlety in shape or form, or anything that reflects an artist’s intention through discipline and skill to draw out or evoke previously hidden emotions in an audience, and/or illustrate abstract thought and its expressions.


STUDENT: What is the connection and difference between art, craft and design?

LEWIS: The line is quite thin here and may get a bit fuzzy in the middle of what defines art and what defines design.  For some, the definition is simple: art exists for its own aesthetic value to life and living.  Design, on the other hand, has a practical application associated with it.  Examples would include the design of an automobile or the design of a ball-point pen.  A sleek stainless steel toaster which, of course, was created with a specific function may as a result of its design qualities be considered art if it is only intended to function as an ornament.  On the other hand, the same toaster may be viewed as craft if it has been mass-produced.


STUDENT: The definitions seem to get blurry here.

LEWIS: As you can see, much of the design applied to functional objects may be viewed as art when created and lose that definition as function dominates the perspective concerning the creation.  Art and design that remains together in some useful product is a cause for celebration for those who have an appreciation for great art and great functionality. 

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