Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Arrest and Political Activism

The big new today was Robert Kennedy Jr.’s arrest during a protest concerning the environment. Since the Catskills B & B is a “Green” environmentally friendly facility I thought it would be appropriate to comment on this and the state of the world


We now live in a world where nations no longer define the rules of the game. It is Multinational corporations that influence the decisions that nations will make. This creates an interesting scenario where ideologues who avoid constructive engagement must deal with power players who have no ideology at all other than gaining power and profit. How does one create a concise and enlightening treatment of international economic problems when there are so many players with conflicting interests involved. The world is no longer defined by the acquisition of land, spices and silk. The global economy is now influenced by issues such as trade, intellectual property rights, global warming  digital technology, the access to and movement of information, and the distribution of goods and serves as efficiently and effectively as possible. The center of all these shifts seems to be more and more in India. It’s merging of Capitalism, a strong tech based educational core and new social equality movements especially towards woman’s rights and dignity is all positive.

No matter what the benefits globalization may offer the rules of the international economic order have always been designed and enforced by the rich nations to serve their interests and as a result they are inequitable and inefficient. As the power shifts from nations to international corporations and the international agencies that support these corporate agendas new approaches will need to be explored to improve the quality of life in developing nations.

Developed countries manipulate international trade rules to protect their farmers and factories from more efficient producers in the developing world.  In the past countries could be held accountable but how does one hold an international corporation accountable for such behavior.

According to Joseph E. Stiglitz, the former  chairman of Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers and then as chief economist at the World Bank Multinational corporations evade responsibility for the damage they do while, international financial system, led by the I.M.F., reward improvident lenders (the wealthy) while penalizing debtors who have little control over why they have been driven into debt or the poverty they experience that continues the pattern.

In a world built around competition you will constantly be confronted with what Stiglitz calls the  concept of negative externalities: the costs that some individuals, corporations or nations force onto others. An oil company for example who dumps waster into the ocean factory. This may reduce its costs but it is likely to have a negative impact and a specifically harmful cost to the rest of society as well as the international community. In game theory one who creates negative externalities with intention is known as a “cheater”.

I will address this concept in future blogs




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