On Debbie Ford Dying and the Self Help Writers

Debbie Ford, authored several self help books has died today of complications from cancer. She was 57 years old.

Her first book, “The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers”,  aimed to help heal people confront their “dark side” rather than block it out.

This was a visionary approach to embracing the whole self, not just the “positive thinking” part.

In the end it is the content of our vision that defines how we will act and what forms we will create or accept as vehicle(s) for the fruition of our goal, vision, or purpose.  There is no rational or irrational here.  We simply behave the way we behave based on the path we have chosen.  There is only the functionality of a particular form or behavior in service to a goal, vision, or purpose.  Some visions are so revolutionary that it is difficult to know whether they are rational or logical until the process is complete; until the dust has cleared. In this sense Debbie Ford was a visionary.

One may ask ” How can one have an illogical vision that works?”  The question may not be relevant in relation to the visionary process.  In a logical framework, the concept of what is rational – the individual’s goals or motives – are subject to analysis and criticism to determine how accurate the basic idea is.  If too much subjectivity is involved the framework may be defined as illogical even if it makes sense.  Often the visionary process is more concerned with effectiveness but not necessarily be rigid concerning “logical premises”.  In such a situation the individual’s goals or motives are not subject to analysis and criticism.  The basic idea is accepted, i.e., taken for granted.  Even if it could be analyzed more it is not; nor is it subject to criticism concerning ethical or logical issues.  The concern is not with the rational or the logical, only what is or is not effective.

In every sense of the word Debbie Ford was effective.

She will missed missed


Lewis Harrison is an American author,  speaker, consultant, and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher. He is a  pioneer in the personal development, and human potential movement  He offers seminar, workshops, retreats and phone based coaching.

He created the course on Life Strategies – www.LifeStrategyCourse.com  – and holds regular stress management,  and meditation retreats at his Spa in the Western Catskills. Learn more at  www.TheHarrisonCenter.com

His company offers on-site chair massage through http://www.eventschairmassage.com

Lewis hosts a weekly radio show “What Up” that explore game theory. The show broadcasts Wednesdays, on WIOX 91.3 FM  – 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (EST).  The show is also available as an internet stream at the same time period at WIOXRadio.org


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