What is Body Purification?

In order to have a high quality of life it is important to create a personal holistic nutrition program. By doing so you will learn to; Eat more healthfully; Heal some medical conditions through diet Select and prepare health-supportive foods; Add new, exciting recipes to their cooking repertoire; Be a healthy vegetarian or vegan; Eat to increase energy levels;  Lose weight

Let’s explore the concept of Body Purification to what I have stated here

Whole food meals can be simple or sophisticated, more than

anything else but should look, smell and taste delicious.

We favor the vegetarian menus built around including grains, beans,

sea vegetables, soy foods, herbs and spices and high-quality condiments,

oils and natural sweeteners.

However if you are going to eat flesh foods they should whenever possible

be organic, if beef grass-fed antibiotic- and hormone-free. As you become

more aware and educated food and nutrition you will learn to choose and

create whole, fresh, natural, seasonal dishes.

Many researchers agree that the combination of a purifying

diet, increased fiber, a reduced intake of sugar and salt, exercise, and

stress management can produce dramatic improvements in those

who seem to have the greatest health problems

The key is to know what to eat and when to eat it


Whether it’s maintaining trouble-free digestion, reducing arthritis

pain, eliminating menstrual cramps, increasing mental and physical

stamina, having more youthful skin, reducing allergic reactions,

increasing your ability to relax and to sleep restfully or simply con-

trolling your weight, creating a body-purifying program will bring immediate


A 30-Day Body Purification Program can prolong your life by

cleansing your blood stream and internal organs. A quality program needs to

guide you step by-step on what to eat to maintain an

effective cleansing program. It also needs to provides complete and

detailed menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a full 30 days. It

also needs to provide recipes and food shopping guidance week by week.

There should be information on the proper preparation of

beans, grains and herbs, including special cleansing herbal tea recipes.

Medical science has discovered many important nutritional supplements

that not only’ improve your general health but can even

remove toxic substances from our bodies.  Many of these toxic substances

can cause cancer and heart disease. After completing a cleaning program

explore supplements that can help you overcome fatigue, stress,

loss of energy, and sluggish circulation.

Modern science has amply demonstrated that millions of

Americans eat throughout the day and yet they are still poorly nourished.

They suffer from all the symptoms of nutritional deficiency

disorders. The 30-Day Body Purification Program integrates these

important supplements into the 30 day menu.



Lewis Harrison is an natural foods chef who specializes in vegetarian and vegan recipes. American author,  speaker and Life Coach. An expert on natural foods and whole foods nutrition, stress management and personal development he is the owner of the Catskills Bed and Breakfast in Stamford, New York –  Thecatskillsbedandbreakfast.com

He is the creator of a distance learning course in Holistic nutrition and natural healing at the Natural Healing Academy – His corporate chair massage company has a website at http://www.eventschairmassage.com


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