Reducing Triglycerides Naturally

At our Bed and Breakfast and spa we often work with guests that have high triglyceride levels.

Many people want to avoid drugs in order to reduce the amount of fat in the blood (That’s what triglycerides are).

Here are the key things to do to achieve this:

1: Lose weight especially belly fat

2. Exercise especially aerobics

3. Take herbal product red rice yeast daily

4. Take herbal product Policosano

5  Take Garlic extract

6. Take Pantethine

7. Artichoke leaf extract

8. Take phytosterols


Stay on this program consistantly and cut back on high fat cheeses and you will soon see your triglyceride levels drop.l


Bio of the Author: Lewis Harrison is an natural foods chef who specializes in vegetarian and vegan recipes. American author,  speaker and Life Coach. An expert on natural foods and whole foods nutrition, stress management and personal development he is the owner of the Catskills Bed and Breakfast in Stamford, New York –

He is the creator of a distance learning course in Holistic nutrition and natural healing at the Natural Healing Academy – His corporate chair massage company has a website at

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