Reducing Stress by Transcending Regret and Expectation

Many guests that come to the Catskill Bed and Breakfast and Spa for wellness programs are trying to deal with expectation of the future and regreats about the past. These two through trends can creat much stress.

Your regret and expectations do not exist separately from you. Rather than be in the moment it is likely that you have built a false happiness on what you have recalled from the past, and attempted to predict in the future. There are many whose objective conditions of life have been filled with hardship and deprivation, and yet are content, while others who are well off will complain of their discontent.

Regret is the flip side of expectation. As you become more conscious you may find yourself wishing you had done or not done something in a past situation. What you have done or think you might have done in the past is done and cannot be undone. You can only do what you are going to do in the present! The best you can do is make amends; say you are sorry; serve others to compensate for what you have done. The alternative may be to live in misery? Regret is a unique form of suffering.  It is common to experience regret for past actions and behaviors, as well as for past inaction. In the Wisdom Path, regret is a natural response to a feeling of embarrassment, guilt, shame, or sadness after committing an act or actions that you wish you had not committed. Of course each person will express regret in his or her own way. By focusing on the four pillars you will transcend regret.


Lewis Harrison is a pioneering speaker, success coach and practical philosopher specializing in human potential and personal development.  He is the creator of the “Ask Lewis…” Series of ebooks.

He created the system known as Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory (LHAGT). This body of work is presented in  a 2,000 page manual offering  effective strategies for solving a multitude of basic and complex problems as well as exploring a wide range of disciplines.


He is the owner of  Events Chair Massage

Lewis conducts online training and coaching programs as well as residential retreats at the Harrison Center for Personal Development


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