Here is an introduction to a book I’ve completed on Game Theory. It is a manual I have created and which we spoke about. This manual, called the “Course in Life Strategies” is one of the most comprehensive bodies of work ever created for the purpose of guiding an individual to success in the areas of love, clarity of thought, emotional balance and freedom.

This manual integrates ideas drawn from classic philosophy, theology, the formal sciences, physics, mathematicians, the social sciences and from the writings of many important thinkers. These ideas are presented as a “Socratic”, easy to follow conversational Q & A format. These Conversations form a course of inquiry based on the organization and integration of a vast, varied, and wide range of theories.

“The Course in Life Strategies” which is derived from my Game Theory work is free charge and free of dogma. It is unaffiliated with any political, spiritual or religious philosophy and is presented in a non-sequential, systematic, multicultural friendly format..

As I mentioned much of the manual is based on what is known as “Game Theory” the idea that life is made up with many different strategy systems. The concept behind my work is that the more effectively we can play each game that is relevant to us the greater the benefits to us and the lower the cost.

This complementary “Course in Life Strategies” is presented in over 400 different 3-5 page sections called “Conversations” and is presently over 3,800 pages in length.

Sections from the manual are sent by e-mail to anyone who requests it.

This “Course in Life Strategies” is an important tool for achieving success in any aspect of life.

Lewis Harrison is an author and speaker.


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