The Best Diet? Vegan? Vegetarian?

Q. What is the best diet? Some meat? Vegetarianism? Veganism? Pescetarianism? I’m very confused.

A. I have learned that almost anything can be argued rationally. Vegetarianism, veganism, eating meat etc. I have been a vegetarian for 40 years. I was in the Philippine Jungles for 2 months this past winter with aboriginal people. They lived on recipes made of rice, coconut and fish. I felt arrogant about telling them they shouldn’t eat fish. I ate the fish, returned home and became a vegetarian again. In our Catksill Mountain Spa we adjust to most dietary and nutrition philosophies,

The point is of course that each of us has our own “Path” and if articulate enough any one can argue that their path is “The Right Path”.

There is no “Right Path”. Often people pick a particular lifestyle because they are rigid in thought and action and the path they choose reflects that.
Thus some are vegan because they care about nature, compassionate and their health and others because they need a vehicle to express their rigid and dogmatic nature. The key, especially with children and nutrition is to get enough calories, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, avoid junk food and eat high fat foods in moderation.

I hope this addresses the issue. If you send me you e-mail address I caniut you on my private list. I send out much information that goes to a select group.

Lewis Harrison is a author, nutrition teacher and spa owner. He owns the Catskills Bed and Breakfast and Spa


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    1. You have a great blog Manny. Many unique ideas. I discuss many of the same concepts in my new book “Spiritual, Not Religious”
      Lewis Harrison – Spiritual Seeker, Internet marketing expert and copywriter.

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