How Has advances in technology changed how we are influenced?

We recently offered a weekend seminar at the Catskills Bed and Breakfast where we discussed the concept of power and influence. Here is the answer to one question that was asked.

A. In a number of ways. To begin with social innovation and specific types of social innovation such as civic intelligence often occurs in response to social needs at a much faster pace than it might have in the past. In fact the process happens so fast that technological innovations simultaneously facilitate and responds to social innovation

In terms of public policy and political culture the public’s input is essential to legitimize important decisions made by business or government.
Social scientists explore swarm theory in specific aspects of group dynamics including democratic theory, organizational learning, epistemic communities, scientific research communities, in business and in many other subgroups. There are so many subgroups being studied in swarm intelligence and so many new ones being created that there is no single source that lists all the areas being explored and there may never be one. While a comprehensive listing is not necessarily practical or even a goal tjhere are those who are focusing on developing online resources to record at least some small percentage of these developments. The rise in the number of transnational advocacy networks, such as “Anonymous and Wikileaks and the coordinated worldwide demonstrations specific internet sites such as the World Social Forums have provided “free space” for activists from around the world. What all these groups have in common is that they are functioning through swarm intelligence. who is largely responsible for the widespread consideration of “social capital”,


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