Zen and Karma

We have regular lectures at the Catskills B & B and Spa here in Stamford, NY.

This week the talk was about “Walking Your Dogma as it Chases Your Karma”. Here are some ideas from that talk.


It is easy to sell yourself on the idea that every positive action has at its most extreme a negative response and vice versa. To be truly happy you most transcend this idea of karma, detaching yourself from the idea of a positive and the negative sense of cause and effect. Is there cause and effect? – of course – this is basic mathematics! But good and bad karma? Maybe not? I am more interested in the middle path of ethical clarity than I am with imposed morality. Identifying with only one side of a pair of opposites will bring you suffering.

To become detached from what is not important, it is useful to know the following truths. For the most part and with rare exception:
• Human beings love comfort and habit.
• Every action has a reaction.
• As a thought is repeated, you will be more inclined to speak it and act on it.
• The repetition of thought and word creates habit, desire and expectation.
• When an action is done to fulfill expectations, this creates a reaction.
• The mind naturally becomes attached to these actions and reactions. If you do not like the reactions to what you have done, you will likely think of ways to avoid the repetition of these unpleasant experiences.
• You will have ideas that cannot be acted upon immediately. Any thought, though not acted upon, can form emotional patterns/psychic grooves on a cellular level which is called “cellular memory.”
• You can free yourself from all these actions and reactions by embracing and applying the Five Pillars of the Wisdom Path.
• This process begins with meditation and introspection.

On the Wisdom Path, you have access to most of what you will ever need. And if you desire no more or less than what you truly need, you will not suffer.

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