Skiing and Emotional Maturity

I was talking with some of our guests at the Catskills Bed and Breakfast about the nature of “Wisdom.”

They are skiers and snowboarders and came to go to Hunter Mountain. They said that to be a great skier requires a level of emotional maturity.

I responded that “To have true wisdom requires a level of emotional maturity.” Yes one may have great intellectual knowledge but that is not wisdom. Bode Miller learned that the hard way.

We are talking about a unique form of literacy. A very bright ten year old savant or genius can gather and memorize voluminous amounts of information. With maturity this same individual will develop skills, knowledge, and Interests simply not usually available to a young person no matter how bright they may be. Among these may be not only be academic literacy, and Information literacy but also pleasure literacy, cultural literacy, and technological literacy. The more expansive one’s literacy is the more one can assess the relevance
and credibility of information in relation to the strategies one will choose to create a fulfilling and abundant life.

Learn more about the essence of “Wisdom” in the Course of Enlightenment

Here is a great music video on the nature of spirituality and wisdom from Yusef Salem (Cat Stevens)



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