What is Reality?

We had a gathering at the Catskills Bed and Breakfast. It was an event with corporate chair massage (www.eventschairmassage.com), great food and deep discussion. Someone asked “What is reality?”

The Nobel prize winning Swedish physicist, scientist and philosopher Niels Bohr once stated,

“Nothing exists until it is measured.”

He also stated to Richard Feynman who later won the Nobel Prize for a reeaallly crazy theory:


Much of what we all do in our daily lives is create definitions for people, places and things. We build a personal reality by doing so. We then measure them, either consciously or unconsciously, either as “isolated ” people, places and things” or by observing and sensing when and how they are interacting with each other. Merging Lewis Carroll’s quote “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” with Bohr’s and adding some other ideas one might ask. “How can one know where one is, if one does not know who one is, and what “Is” even means”?
All this seems at the same time quite obvious and at the same time complex. Like life!

The life journey of any extraordinary thinker, which I assume you to be just by the fact that you are reading this, is likely nothing more than surrealist jigsaw puzzle. It is as if this puzzle was created by a committee consisting of a shaman, a quantum physicist, a high functioning autistic and a very bored accountant. It is Dorothy walking on the Yellow Brick Road and encountering Alice who shows her what the world looks like through the Looking Glass and then leads her down the Rabbit Hole. In the end, thanks to game theory, quantum thought, and an understanding of the mathematics of contradiction, ambiguity and paradox with a sprinkling of logic and the rational here and there they both get to Oz, and on to Kansas where they live happily ever after.

Each day one must laugh, dance, introspect and sing.
Here is a music video for you to sing along with.

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