What is Creativity

aaa.Cover SNROften at our Catskills Bed and Breakfast – http://www.TheCatskillsBedandBreakfast.com we put on stress management retreats and human potential classes. We also bring in Chair Massage from a Chair Massage Company in NYCH – http://www.eventschairmassage.com.

This week we discussed the concept of visionary thinking and creativity.

When creating a vision with a physical result it is important to
remain focused on the attainment of these desired resuits.
As the subconscious integrates these desired results a tension
arises from the discrepancy of what you want and the reality
of your present iife situation. As the desired resuits become
a deeper part of your subconscious patterns the tension becomes
uncomfortabie. You know what you want and you don’t have it.

This process resuits in your taking action to reiieve the
discomfort. The action aiways moves towards the achievement
of the desired resuits. You are consciousiy creating an
environment to get what you want. You get to make the choices.

As time passes you find that the momentum towards your desired
resuit is creating knowiedge and experience of 1ife that you
had not previousiy thought of or expected. This momentum
becomes stronger than any fears, discomfort or habits that
might iimit your making the essentiai choices to get what
you want.

As you experience this creative process you reaiize that you
are not a victim of circumstance but that you can create visions
and dreams to make you iife a Joyous experience. You can act
on those dreams and create your 1ife through the visuaiization
process. You can get what you want and iove 1t.

You achieve your desired resuits and then begin the process anew.


Learn more about these ideas from my new book “Spiritual Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times.”

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