Mexican Food – Low Cost, Low Calorie Nacho-Grande

The key here is a cooking “hack” to reduce fat and carbs but maintain the taste, texture and “pig out” experience, all without the guilt.
• Canned Pinto Beans or (pre-made and frozen)
• Tomato paste
• Water
• Olive Oil
• Onion powder
• Garlic (Fresh
• Salt or Vegit brand low-sodium seasoning
• Grated Soy cheese or any low fat cheese.
• jalapeño Peppers (bottles or home-made – jalapeño, sliced and plced in vinegar and a little salt).
• Low carb Tortilla (Available at Trader Joes)
• Avocado
• Low fat, or non-fat sour cream

The Recipe

1. Take a ½ cup of beans and mash by hand or put them in a food processor with enough water to blend smooth.
2. Add onion powder, garlic and 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil and salt or Vegit to taste.
3. Mix tomato paste with water, garlic, onion powder, and salt.
4. Spread beans on the tortilla
5. Spread tomato sauce on beans
6. Spread cheese sauce
7. Place jalapeño peppers on top
8. Place it all in the microwave.

Add sour cream and sliced avocado
If you want to make the tortilla crunchy put it on hot cash iron grill for 30 seconds or just fold it over.

This is a low cost high protein, whole grain, highly nutritious hack.


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