Climate Change? What are the Facts


I was recently doing a stress management program at a college in NYC. Part of the event was corporate chair massage through Often at these conferences I take breaks and read the Economist Magazine or Esquire. At this event I came across an in depth and well thought out article on climate change.

This is the article link:


Often I discuss things I come across with my friend Jeff Wolf. Jeff’s a very bright skeptic and often has interesting perspectives on things I send him concerning issues of the day including climate change.


Here is what he sent me concerning the article:

“Nothing new if you’ve seen some of the documentaries on climate change.  There is no denying it’s happening and irrelevant if we are causing  it or just contributing to it.  Either way the same  action needs to be taken.  If you listen to what I’ve said, Rachel Carson was speaking about this in the late fifties, dedicating her life to the imminent problems that she saw in 1958, predicting disaster in the future, before it was labeled climate change, while she was weak and dying from cancer.  57 years later we are still struggling with solutions and fighting over whether man is contributing to it or is it just happening as it has happened over millenniums.  Of course man is contributing to it, most likely immensely, but so what.  Anybody with any sense knows that polluting the world has devastating effects on our water, our air, our soil, our cells, etc. 

       What society with a tiny bit of consciousness would continue to act this way, considering all the harm that polluting the earth has done.  So call it by any name that suits you.  Still the same action needs to be taken, which is to become stewards of our planet.  We are still driving gas fueled autos, shipping containers by ships that use very low grade diesel fuel carrying hundreds of containers that are our worst polluters and contributing to some of the worst pollution and warming of the weather.  So what do you suggest?  Do you really want to spend your time deciding who is responsible, as opposed to doing something that will make a change.   When a world centric view is adopted by the citizens of the world, and they change their habits contributing to the problems, then we will begin to see results in solving our climate problems.  As of yet I don’t think enough people are willing to change their habits.”


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