Healing Your “Inner Child” at the Catskill B & B and Spa

I have developed a strong interest recently in the concept of the “Inner Child”.

The concept of the “Inner Child” and “Healing the Inner Child” are fairly new.  In my own work in Applied Game Theory the basic concept is this; All of us, especially as children, experience trauma of one type or another at some time especially in our early development. There is no exception here.


When raised in a healthy family and social environment we are hardwired to integrate these experiences. These traumas may include fear of the “new” and unknown, a sense of abandonment, lack of affection or other experiences.   These traumas are a natural element of early childhood development and help us to form the core multiple intelligences. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_multiple_intelligences).

In a toxic or dysfunctional family and or social environment rather than serving as a tool for emotional and social development these traumas become a type of “ball and chain” that imprison us is dysfunctional social patterns, and limited life skills.


In disciplines that integrate the Chinese concept of Qi  the various traumas actually become integrated as a type of  vibrational pattern within a cell that limits and even distorts the optimum functioning of that cell individually as well  as part of a larger tissue structure especially connective tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. In the Western model  references to concepts analogous to the qi might be described as the life-process or flow of energy that sustains living beings.

Each of us wants to be more effective, efficient, productive and self-aware. Achieving this is difficult when our way of thinking, speaking and acting is defined and affected by childhood trauma that has become part of our body’s musulo-skeletal system as “cellular memories”.

In Applied Game Theory freeing oneself from these ingrained patterns is essential to creating rational strategies for surviving and prospering in an often hostile world.


In recent years a number of visionary thinkers have created therapeutic, body/mind systems for freeing these “energetic trauma patterns” from individuals who have grown up in emotionally and physically toxic and dysfunctional environments. The umbrella term for these techniques is known as “Inner-Child Work”. Anyone wished to be their best needs to explore this work further.



Lewis Harrison – RealUGuru, is a master lifehacker, writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, content-rich, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem-solving and strategizing based on game thinking, applied game theory, and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.


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This course and all the offerings on http://www.RealUGuru.com  focus on the application of applied game thinking, gamification, decision science, positive psychology, happiness,  and visionary thinking to solve basic, complex and extreme problems. He is the creator of a free course on business success and human potential.

Here is a short interview with Lewis;


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