About The B & B & Spa & Directions

The Catskills Bed and Breakfast and Spa is located in a 17 room 19th Century Victorian Home in the heart of the famous North Western Catskill mountains. Once the summer residence of the famous Gabor Sisters (Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda) it was known as  the Queen of the Catskills. 

About the Accommodations

  • We offer rooms with private baths.
  • When available we offer lower priced accommodations
    with a shared bath.

Your Hosts are Lilia and Lewis Harrison

Lewis and Lilia Harrison always wanted to live the “country life.”
Lilia was born in the Philippines, and spent most of her adult life in Canada where she worked as a corporate banker. Lilia’s life experience is the stuff of a Hollywood movie. Ask her about it and sh’ell be glad to share her story with you. It is riveting. She is presently completing her autobiography and spends her days writing music, taking magnificent photographs of the surrounding mountains, and playing the guitar by the living room fire place.

Lewis Harrison co-owner of the Catskills Bed and Breakfast is the best-selling author of twelve books on economics, mental health, alternative medicine and personal development. He is a sculpture, a chef and the founder and director of the Catskill Art and Culture Festival, and the creator of a form of mathematical game theory (If you saw the movie “A Beautiful Mind” you will know what Game Theory is.) He also does whatever Lilia tells him. As he like to describe it “I’m the boss around here and I have Lilia’s permission to say so.!”

Here are some thoughts from Lewis on what a stay at the Catskills Bed & Breakfast might be like.

“My wife Lilia and I love to take care of our guests and we really have a passion for our B & B. It is a beautiful home in a lovely little village. We have deer, birds, bees, butterflies, great hiking, and we have swimming, golf etc. in the summer, skiing in the winter and so much more.”

“That being said this is not a typical B & B. When you arrive you will not find a sign in front of the B & B, we only have an address sign that says 156. We are in a historic district and large signs are not permitted. We are actually not seek guests who find us by driving by and seeing a sign. You will know you are in the correct place since the drive way is lined with wooden sculptures.”

“Please keep in mind that a Bed and Breakfast is very different experience than staying in a hotel or even a country inn.  People tend to be very social here, especially at meals and may come from many different countries, cultures, religious beliefs, professional backgrounds, political points of view, and lifestyles, so conversations can cover a wide range of subjects. Add to this that I am a bit of a character and eccentric, so rigid thinkers may find me a little unusual but in a refreshing and interesting way. I am a good listener and have a passion for ideas. If you are someone who wishes a bit more quiet and privacy just let us know. We enjoy accommodating the special needs of our guests.

Though the menus here are delicious and creative dinner here is optional.

If you choose to have dinner here menus are based on a natural food, lacto-vegetarian approach.

When I say our meals are lacto-vegetarian this means we do not serve meat, fish, poultry.  We accommodate vegans as well as others with special dietary needs such as athletes, those on lactose free, gluten free, low starch, Atkins etc as well as those looking to keep the calories down.  Dinner here can last as long as 2 ½ hours and consists of many Tapas style small dishes. Tapas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtapas]) are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in traditional Spanish cuisine.  We have expanded this to include foods from many cultures. They may include curries, soups, cold dishes (such as mixed olives and pickled vegetablea) or warm (such as  batteredfried baby eggplant). In recent years, tapas have evolved into an entire, and sometimes sophisticated, cuisine. Here at the Catskill B & B dinner is not built around  a main dish but rather is served so that guests can combine different small dishes to make a full meal.

The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation between our guests because people are not so focused upon eating a large main dish meal that is set before them.


Some additional information on Lewis’ cooking class: We offer a content rich and fun vegetarian/whole foods cooking class/demonstration for many of our guests which is available at an additional fee. Please note that this is a demonstration class and students do not handle food or cooking utensils in the class.


Please read the Q & A section of our website on this website. This will clarify information about classes, spa services etc. Reading this section is important since it will offer you a real sense of what we have available and will clarify any expectations you may have so that we can offer you the best experience possible.

About the Spa: Some of our guest hear the word “Spa” and create images of a resort type Spa. We are a B & B with a small spa suite in our building that can be rented with a two night minimum so please do not confuse us with a full service resort spa. The suite has a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath and other services depending upon the package you purchase. If you do not have an interest in the spa or spa services you won’t even notice that it is here but believe me it is. Even if you do not purchase the spa package we have a number of spa services available ala carte including massage, life coaching, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, and meditation classes and of course customized, vegetarian, natural food meals. All of this can be purchased separately from your coupon package and at a discount

Location: About Stamford New York and the Catskills

Stamford is a quaint little village in Western Catskills, a region vivid with natural beauty, enticing to the senses, and abundant in the fullness of each passing season. Seekers of inspiration, reflection, creativity, authenticity, challenge, fortune and beauty have, time and again, been drawn to the Catskills and Stamford in particular.

The Catskills provide the perfect environment in which to find yourself, or lose yourself.  Rediscover history in the local museums, art galleries, Golf courses, riding stables, hiking and biking trails, stone houses and Victorian Mansions that fill the area.  Lose track of time sitting by the local stream directly across from the B and B; or jump over the headwaters of the Delaware River – just a block away (only three feet across). Catch your breath hiking up mountain trails, abandon your inhibitions along the back roads and add to your collection with a treasure from our local antique and antiquarian bookstores. Join us Friday night for entertainment from some of the best blues and folk performers in the area just down the block at the Kaaterskill House Café; or catch a transformational movie in our entertainment center.

Turn off the cell phone and transform your life; or at least, take a break.


The proximity to New York City and easy accessibility from other major Eastern cities makes the Catskill Bed and Breakfast and Spa an ideal refuge. There is bus service to Stamford, NY from  NYC and Kingston New York. and we are only bus 2 blocks from the Stamford Bus Stop.

The drive from the greater NYC area is 2 hours and forty five minutes from the George Washington Bridge. We are also in driving distance from Connecticut, Boston and Philadelphia.


Relax,  from the daily grind of life. Find rejuvenating solitude, hike a mountain or wooded path, learn to meditate, plan a romantic escape or, as in centuries before, meander through the village rubbing elbows with the locals.



If you encounter problems along the way, please feel
free to call us at: 212-724-8782, or 917-783-9324.

From NYC

  • Take Interstate 87 North (the Thruway) to exit 19 (Kingston).
  • At the loop, follow the sign that goes straight onto Route 28 (Pine Hill).
  • Continue for approx. 45 minutes to Arkville. Make a right turn onto Route-38– and travel for about a mile.
  • Make a right at the T (Route 30) and stay on it until you get to Grand Gorge.
  • Make a left at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 23 (there will be a gas station on the left side).
  • Continue westward on Route 23 all the way to Stamford.
  • At the first traffic light, drive forward up the hill. That’s West Main Street.
  • At the stop sign, cross that street (Lake St, or Route 10) and continue going up the hill.
  • 156 W. Main Street is on the right side.
  • Look for the big pinkish Victorian house.

From Binghamton

  • Take Interstate 88 East to Oneonta exit 15.
  • Then take Route 23 East about 25 miles to Stamford.
  • At the first traffic light make a left onto Lake St, Route 10).
  • Go one block and make a left onto West Main Street and continue going up the hill.
  • 156 W. Main Street is on the right side.
  • Look for the big pinkish Victorian house.

From Albany

  • Take Interstate 90 West to exit 25A.
  • Then take Interstate 88 West to Richmondville exit 20.
  • Go straight at the 4-way intersection, this is Route 10.
  • Continue for about 20 miles to Stamford.
  • Take a right onto West Main Street and continue going up the hill.
  • 156 W. Main Street is on the right side.
  • Look for the big pinkish Victorian house.

From Syracuse

  • Take Interstate 81 South to exit 6, follow the signs to Interstate 88 East.
  • Take Interstate 88 East to Oneonta exit 15.
  • Then take Route 23 East about 25 miles to Stamford.
  • At the first traffic light make a left onto Lake St, (Route 10).
  • Go one block and make a left onto West Main Street and continue going up the hill.
  • 156 W. Main Street is on the right side.
  • Look for the big pinkish Victorian house.

There is bus service to Stamford, NY and we are only bus 2 blocks from the Stamford Bus Stop.


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