Stress Managment and Depression

Depression has become more common as stress increases in the corporate workplace. There are two ways of addressing this stress; 1. Onsite Corporate Chair Massage and Nutrition.
Many event planners, meeting planners and party planners are reaching out to NYC chair massage companies to come to trade show, conventions and other venues to set up massage chairs for workers and clients.
Nutrition is also important. At one time it was thought that depression was genetic. Though depression has been known to run in families, there is no evidence in medical literature of “depression” as being a genetic disorder. Attitudinal patterns, as well as nutritional and eating patterns, can pass from generation to generation, and these factors may influence certain biochemical and emotional factors that might contribute to the onset of depression.
Though there may not be a specific genetic marker for depression, some researchers believe that certain individuals may carry an inborn sensitivity to the disease that can be triggered by environmental factors, changes in body chemistry or by a psychological trauma. It is certainly possible that a strong genetic component might exist in an individual causing improper metabolism of certain nutrients, such as magnesium, chromium or inositol — all nutrients essential for proper mental health.
One biochemical cause of depression is a genetic inability to manufacture enough of the important brain metabolite prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), which is derived from essential fatty acids (EFAs). Individuals with this problem have a congenital deficiency in omega-6 essential fatty acid. Alcohol stimulates temporary production of PGE1 and lifts the depression. Sadly, this cycle may cause a depressed individual with this condition to abuse alcohol. Ultimately the resulting alcoholism can lead to other problems that aggravate the pre-existing depression.
Another example of individuals who suffer from hereditary biochemical abnormalities that might contribute to the onset of depression are those who have a genetic disorder involving a body chemical called pyrrole. Pyrrole is a simple chemical structure used by the body in the creation of heme, which makes blood red.
Pyrroles bind first with vitamin B6 and then with zinc, depleting these essential nutrients. Since vitamin B6 is an essential factor in the final steps of serotonin production, depletion of this nutrient might cause individuals who suffer from a genetically-based pyrrole disorder to experience extreme mood swings.
Genetic Predisposition, when combined with stress and stressful lifestyle patterns, can lead to biochemical imbalances. Biochemical imbalances, which may include clinical and sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies, can be aggravated in susceptible individuals by the intake or use of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, addictive substances, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, as well as allergies or food sensitivities to corn, wheat, yeast, milk, and or soy products. Refined and highly processed foods, like white sugar and white flour, are also problematic. For instance, the essential mineral selenium is destroyed in foods that are refined or processed. Studies indicate that low levels of selenium can lead to depression.
These biochemical imbalances may cause or indirectly influence erratic swings in blood sugar due to hormonal imbalances and pancreatic insufficiency and over-activity resulting in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This deficiency of oxygen to the brain, which results from low blood sugar, can cause damage to essential body tissues — especially cerebral tissue. This damage to essential body tissues can create greater biochemical imbalances that may affect immunity and allow infectious invasions of various types to take place.
The result of all of this is depression and an increased and complex cycle of nutritional deficiencies aggravated by an increased use of refined food products and addictive substances. This destructive cycle increases the systemic damage, which leads to greater biochemical imbalances.
So with proper nutrition and stress management through events chair massage worker effectiveness can be increased with reduced cost.

Lewis Harrison is the owner of the Catskills Bed and Breakfast in Stamford , the author of the book Hands-on Healing as the founder of


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