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Hello and thanks for your interest in our Bed & Breakfast and Spa. Let’s begin with a short video tour of the premises.




  • We offer  a one night two day Basic Bed and Breakfast package which includes a nourishing whole food vegetarian breakfast each day
  • Eight Personalized all inclusive Holistic Wellness and Personal Development Programs.
  • Week long retreats


  • Each Program consists of two nights and three days. 
  • The rate for each program is $600 per person and includes meals lodging and taxes
  • If both individuals in a couple sign up for a Spa Program together they will receive a $100 discount.
  • Two day – one night mid-week Spa Packages are also Available. Ask for details

Pick Your Own Personalized  Program at the Harrison Center

The Harrison Center is a famously hospitable retreat/spa.  Set in a 110 year old Victorian Home, it has the combined feeling of being in a pristine mountain valley setting and a small New England town.  Much of your time here will be spent smiling or in contemplative thought.  Come to the Harrison Center and enjoy deep relaxation.  Eliminate stress, improve your health, increase your intelligence, connect to you intuition and maximize your creativity.

During your stay at the Spa of The Mind take advantage of:

  •  Our wild flower meditation garden
  •  Back Country Hiking trails
  •  Walking trails around the lake at Churchill Park (Directly across the street.
  •  Swimming (in the community pool. (From July 4 – August 18)
  • Local art galleries, antique shops and Hobart Book Village
  •  Gourmet vegetarian cuisine
  •  Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing  in a lush mountain setting

At the Harrison Retreat Center it is our goal to educate, entertain, motivate, inspire and enlighten, “focus” you mind and soul, get back in touch with your “center” of gravity and operate from core power with vision.

We offer personalized programs for both spa enthusiasts and students of wellness.  Many wellness services are available to select for your personalized program, in addition to Spa Treatment Education, Spa Cuisine, Product Recommendations, and associated Spa resources, including Massage, Food Recipes, Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnosis, Polarity Therapy, Smoking Cessation, weight loss retreats and more.

Personal Transformation– Spa Weekend

If you want to master the art and science of Optimal Living, then this is the weekend for you.  Here we offer you inspiration and rejuvenation and an experiential education for the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  Right in the Village of Stamford, New York, this weekend includes lectures on nutrition and herbal medicine, instruction in meditation, creative visualization and life coaching.  Experience live music and poetry readings at the Kaaterskill House, a country café down the block (Friday evening only), self-discovery, conscious eating, and basic yogic stretching – a sort of meditation-in-motion.  If you have a regular exercise regime we offer free passes to workout at the local gym – only 1/3 of a mile away.

In order to live your best life body, mind and spirit must be in balance to achieve optimal health.

Connect To Your Spirit – Spa Weekend

Explore the wisdom teachings of the great mystics with our director Lewis Harrison. Lewis helps individuals get back in touch with their authentic spirit voice.  Drawing from many great traditions, sacred texts and important teachers – Meister Eckhart, Rumi, The Bal Shem Tov, Kabir, Suzuk Roshi, Zen, Taoism, Kabbalah, Mystic Christianity, Jainism, Hinduism, Sufism, Native American Traditions, the Radha Soami Masters of India and many others, Lewis coaches you to stretch beyond your limits through intuition building, meditation, prayer, introspection, and self acceptance.  Isn’t it time to get inspired and rejuvenated?  This weekend is not affiliated with any religion and is appropriate for anyone, no matter what your personal faith may be.  Or if agnostic????

Meditation and Yoga – Spa Weekend

Stretch your mind and body while learning to focus your thoughts.  Meditation can help reduce blood pressure, increase creativity, clarify your thinking process and get you in touch with your authentic self.  In this weekend you will learn different meditation techniques including Zen Meditation, the Relaxation Response, and Mindful meditation along with basic yoga postures.  This meditation approach is not affiliated with any religion and is appropriate for anyone, no matter what you personal faith may be or even if agnostic and regardless of size, health, experience in yoga.  Manifest your inner peace by learning to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts.  Come to learn meditation at our stirring spiritual oasis.  Meditation programs include Sound Therapy, mindful sitting meditation instruction, and walking meditation through our tranquil forest trails. Meditation is important to virtually all spiritual and religious traditions.  In addition, according to Herbert Benson of the Harvard School of Public Health meditation yields a multitude of health benefits.  Experience inspiration and rejuvenation while exploring the art of creative visualization, yoga, and coaching with Lewis Harrison on how to maintain clarity of thought.

Think and Grow Rich – Spa Weekend

Lewis Harrison has studied the wealthy, influential and powerful for over thirty years – many have become his personal friends and clients.  In this weekend program, Lewis shares with you what they have taught him.  Lewis will show you how to integrate the wisdom of the Dalai Lama and the success path of Oprah. This will include the business savvy acquired from studying the great masters of wealth building, utilizing the writings of the visionary journalist Napoleon Hill as well as the likes of Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Barbara Corcoran, Bill Gates and many other visionary billionaires.  This program will help you define where you want to be in your life and take you there starting now!

The R & R (Rest & Relaxation or Retreat & Renewal) – Spa Weekend

If R&R is what you are seeking, then come to our rejuvenating Retreat & Renewal weekend.  Kick off your shoes, turn off your cell phone, lie in front of the fireplace with a good book, or choose one or more of our hundreds of movies to watch. If you like, there are stretching classes, meditation instruction, massage, and life coaching to pick from to expand into your own personalized program.  Or simply enjoy the mountains the lakes and the babbling brooks.

Creativity – Spa Weekend

This is your chance to explore your artistic side.  Explore writing, singing, poetry, movement, creative expression and fine art.  Explore local art galleries and create your own collage.  (have you explored creating a “Vision Board”???)  Joseph Campbell, the great anthropologist stated that the artist will be the spiritual teacher of the 21st century. Creativity is a powerful tool for spiritual restoration and emotional healing.  Come join us to explore your inner artist in an inspiring atmosphere.

Weight Loss – Spa Weekend

Stop dieting and finally lose weight. This weekend includes coaching on meal planning, design and preparation, supervised exercise,  and motivational coaching. Tennis and golf facilities are available nearby against a backdrop of the stunning and pristine Catskill Mountains.

The Sporting Life  – Spa Weekend

This is your chance to express your athletic side.  We offer gym access as well as year-round sport opportunities.

In the summer you can play golf, take a swim, play tennis, basketball, run on our incredible back-country roads, and hike in our majestic mountains.  Hang-gliding is also available.
Winter Sports – Ski, snowboard, snow shoe or toboggan at four nearby mountains – Plattekill, Hunter, Windham and Belleayre – all within a half hour driving distance.

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown only 50 minutes away.

All Spa Programs are $300 per person (add $197. per night for accommodations – Private bath – double occupancy.) The programs  include 4 meals (in addition to breakfast which is part of the basic B & B lodging package) and a choice of three different private one hour Bodywork, Coaching, or Healing Sessions.

Choose from the following:

  1. Life/Success Coaching
  2. Energy Healing session
  3. Life Coaching
  4. Think and Grow Rich Coaching
  5. Massage
  6. Hypnosis
  7. Meditiation Training
  8. Reflexology
  9. Reiki
  10. Polarity Energy Balancing

To make reservations call 212-724-8782


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